Friday, 10 April 2015

Bodyline review

I've ordered from Bodyline twice in the past, this time I decided to order my first lolita dress which I've been extremely excited about (⌒▽⌒) I also ordered a purple seifuku and a Chinese dress, the reason I decided to make a review is because although there are many Bodyline reviews  out there I couldn't find a single review of their Chinese dress.

The shipping of my order took 
I ordered through airmail because it was free at the time I ordered and I usually avoid paying for shipping just in case the things I order don't fit so I don't want to accidentally waste a lot of money.

Here is the dress I ordered, it's Bodyline's balloon bears in mint which I love so much it's so pretty ♥‿♥

 I ordered it in the biggest size they had which is a little smaller than my measurements, it fits better than I expected although my boobs are a bit squished in it. The arm holes were quite tight so I took out the elastic and put a longer elastic back in.

Here is the seifuku I ordered in purple.

I actually wanted to buy one of the seifukus in the image below, but I already own a Bodyline seifuku in navy which had a large top but the waist band was a bit too tight. The seifukus in the image below  have smaller measurements than the seifuku I own so I decided to get a plain purple one in 6L, which I'll probably make a pink bow for later on.

The seifuku fits very well.

I suggest that if you buy a bodyline seifuku that you measure your waist and order the set that has the more comfortable skirt size. And then you can just alter the top by taking in the sides which is really easy, however this does depend on your body type.

And finally this is the China dress in blue, I ordered a size 48 which is a little bigger than my size. I decided to go for a larger size because I was worried that it might not fit, and since I can sew having a bigger size would not be a problem for me.

Excuse the crappy photo, I had to use a timer on my phone and I wasn't ready for the pic :/

As you can see the Chinese dress in the image (which I ordered) was long, but rather annoyingly they sent me a really short one that just about covers my butt. I checked Bodyline's website, and they don't even have this print in short. So i have no idea what that's about...

I contacted Bodyline about this and I am yet to get a response, I previously contacted them and got a reply within the next day. But now I've been waiting for a week...

The Chinese dress fit well over my bust and hips, but for some reason the shape assumes that you don't have a bottom because the measurement doesn't increase from the hip. So I had to cut the sides open about 10cm more and re-hem it. If your bottom or thighs measure more than your hips, then go for a size bigger.

I hope this review was helpful and that you enjoyed reading it, good luck for any future Bodyline purchases you make

Thanks for reading!

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