Monday, 18 July 2016

How to make pumpkin spice latte - easy recipe

Yes I know it's not autumn yet but I love autumn and Halloween and I can't wait! I LOVE to sit inside and watch a movie with a nice cup of hot tea, coffee or hot cocoa. I'm sure you've heard of Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte and I must admit I thought it was all expensive hype, but last fall I actually tried a cup and it surprised me! It tasted so good, so I bought another the next morning on my way to Uni, and then another, and another until I realised I'd been spending too much on them as the Starbucks employees had learned my name by heart hehe oops 🙊

So I did some research into the flavours in the drink, as well as making a mental note when tasting the original PSL and I took a walk to my local grocery store and bought some ingredients. Please note that I wanted to make a more affordable version of the drink but also make it taste as good, so it's not totally fresh or anything but hey!

These are the ingredients I used:

🎃 Nescafe vanilla latte, this can obviously be substituted for coffee and vanilla syrup but I'm too lazy to take extra time making a drink and measuring everything out. This shortcut works fine though in my opinion.

🎃 Pumpkin puree, you can buy this in cans but the first time I made this I used a whole pumpkin and kept the rest for a jack-o-latern, which I have to post a pic of cuz I made it into Frank from Donnie Darko and I'm pretty proud haha.

🎃 Whipped cream, this is optional but to me it makes the drink complete. Just erm make sure you remember to workout because this drink is quite addictive and I'm NOT exaggerating.

🎃 Cinnamon, I'm gonna say that this is optional because if I remember correctly I didn't actually use cinnamon but it's totally up to you.

1. So what you do is you make the coffee first, just like a normal coffee. If you buy the Nescafe pouches then just follow the instructions. (If you use pumpkin pulp then don't make the coffee yet).

2. Next you'll want to get your pumpkin juice and cook it for a few minutes, this should change the flavour a bit so that you don't get that raw pumpkin taste. Just cook it long enough for it to be warm but don't boil it. If you use a whole pumpkin then scoop the inside out, and cook it in a pot with water(alternatively you can blend it into a puree but I don't have a blender). When the juices of the pulp have flavoured the water (you can check by tasting) you can pour it into a cup with the coffee sachet.

3. Add in a half teaspoon of cinnamon or however much you prefer, stir and taste to see whether you want to add more.

4. Finish buy spraying whipped cream over the top, here you can add a little sprinkle of cinnamon or what I like to do is save some of the coffee sachet and sprinkle that on top. And enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you try this out and if you made any changes

Bye for now

Hyper Japan 2016

Hi everyone, this post is gonna be about cultural events happening in London during July. The main event is Hyper Japan which is a convention all about Japanese culture, from food to fashion. I'm going to tell you about Japanese peformance in this blog entry, specifically about Edo anime and Studio Ghibli's live musical performances at the 10th Hyper Japan event.

Azumi Inoue and Yuyu at Hyper Japan

Azumi Inoue performed at Hyper Japan this summer with her daughter Yuyu (who's only 11 years old), Azumi is the singer of songs from several of my favourite Studio Ghibli movies such as My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service and Laputa: Castle In The Sky. Azumi became noticed when she performed the end theme of Laputa: Castle In The Sky and has since performed the songs "Changing Seasons" and "Mahou No Nukumori" for Kiki's delivery service, a favourite of mine. She also performed the opening and ending theme for My Neighbour Totoro, "Stroll" and "My Neighbour Totoro". Furthermore she's performed the official theme song for Peter Rabbit and classic songs from school textbooks.

Azumi's daughter Yuyu made her debut when she performed for an NHK TV show Minna No Uta at only 7 years old! She was quite successful with her performance as viewers had requested that the show be repeated, Since then she has performed two more songs for the show, collaborating with rock band Watanabe Flower for "Tan Tan Tan" in a 2013 and a duet with her mother in 2014 for "Hanbun Otona".

Here's video of Yuyu singing Tan Tan Tan - a comedic song about a father and his daughter arguing about the last piece of serloin steak.

Visit http://www.doremi-net.co for more information about these great musicians and their upcoming concerts and tv features.

Edo anime at Hyper Japan

The second performance I'm going to tell you about is Edo anime which is a type of animation in which moving  images are projected on a  screen accompanied by live music, voice acting and/or narration. Hyper Japan showed several Edo animation masterpieces including "Kobutori" 1929 directed by Yasuji Murata, visionary director and "Akai Rosoku To Ningyo" ("The Mermaid and the Red Candle") by Mimei Ogawa a children's storybook writer, so if you're an anime fan be sure to check these out.

Hyper Japan also showed "Samurai Opera" as a special feature, it's a Samurai musical drama which combines traditional samurai storylines with English-language opera in a 20 minute humurous performance. I think it's very interesting to see traditional Japanese anime and learn more about how it has developed over time, you can refer to my previous post about Edo anime titled "Edo anime at Hyper Japan" for more information about the history behind it.

Minwaza also performed at Hyper Japan again this summer, they're an artistic group that aims to entertain people by using traditional methods. It's creative and different so I would encourage anyone to see a performance if they get the opportunity. Being a great fan of anime, especially studio Ghibli I find it interesting to see how animation has developed and changed in Japan.

 Visit their website for more information http://www.minwaza.com/edoutsushie/index.html

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Honeycolor contact lens review

Hi everyone, recently I bought my first two pairs of contacts and I finally wore one pair so here's my review of them. Well first I ordered my contacts in february and they arrived in about a couple of weeks, which was pretty good. I was really happy with my order because I originally went to buy white out contacts for a future convention and then at checkout I realised that they were giving free lenses with every order. So I took the opportunity to try out some blue lenses, so that I could get used to wearing them before wearing the white outs. And also I've been rather curious to see what I would look like with blue eyes lol.

So here are the lenses I got, the white out zombie lenses of which I will do a review later on when I try them. They costed $25.90


These are the Super Pinky blue lenses, which came for free with my order. The original price is $25.90



Here are some pics to show how the lenses looked on me, the colour showed up very well even though I have very dark brown eyes.

A before pic just to show the natural colour of my eyes

And here's how I look with the lenses on

I tried them on at first for about 3 or 4 hours, honestly my eyes were kind of irritated from them when I first put them in but then they felt comfortable. After a few hours I decided to take them out because my eyes stang a little, after removing them they still stang for about 1 hour but I applied regular eye drops and they felt fine again. As I am writing this it's been 24hrs since I wore them so rest assured that I didn't get any eye problems, Honeycolor lenses are definitely safe as far as I know. I will be trying them again soon so that I can give more of an accurate review on the comfort of the lenses, maybe my eyes just weren't used to the lenses and the solution or maybe I had some dust on the lense but I will check more carefully next time.

Also Honeycolor sent me free lens cases that are really cute with each pair, I ordered some multipurpose lens solution from them and lycee eyedrops. And I must say I think that the lycee drops are really good, I found them easy to put in whilst wearing my lenses which is a big thing cuz I absolutely HATE putting eyedrops in my eyes.

Overall I think honeycolor is a good place to get lenses, they sell high quality and they provide quick shipping. Right now I prefer not to give my final conclusion on the lenses as I did have some discomfort, although this could be my own fault since others have found the lenses very comfortable. So I will be back with more info soon after I've tried them again.

Before I tried my lenses, I did all my research on them and watched tons of videos but then I tried to put the lenses in but I just couldn't. Then the other day (beginning of april) I came across a video tutorial that a girl made on youtube and it worked for me! I was so relieved and I felt so accomplished, I thought I was never gonna get the damn things in haha. So here is a link for the video if you are also having trouble with lenses, I hope it helps you https://youtu.be/h9GqGRyJ9gA
And also I recommend watching Noodlerella's video about lens care, I found it very helpful. https://youtu.be/hAnW1gbbQq4

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful,
Thanks for reading
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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Spreepicky Review

Hi everyone (^ - ^)/
My order from Spreepicky just arrived so I thought I'd do a review for you guys. I was put off from ordering from Spreepicky because of their prices and being a student I don't have a lot of money. But since it was Christmas I decided to treat myself, they had a discount code for the holidays which saved me a lot at the end of my order which was nice. In the end it was also worth it because they make some of the clothes themselves which is handy for me since I'm plus sized, and shipping was free!

My initial thoughts when I unpacked everything was "wow it's so colourful" most of the items look so much prettier in real life. And I noticed that Spreepicky put some really cute hair accesories and other little freebies, the also sent me a cute little sailormoon postcard inside too :3

The first item I'm going to talk about is Princess-Misery design gravity falls fleece jumper, here are the photos:

The fit is quite good, the arms could be a little looser but it fits nicely enough. The inside is really warm and soft, the best thing is that the quality of the print on the fabric is really good, there's lots of cute details in the design. And it's super colourful! I love it so much

Another item I purchased was this Chibi moon jumper, I'd seen them on ebay for super cheap but I could never find my size. Luckily Spreepicky manufactures their own larger sized version so I could get the jumper that I wanted so bad. It's really nice and soff inside and the fit is really good, although I feel like it looks a little awkward on me because I have wide hips, so the jumper is a bit too tight on my hips. But it's still a comfortable size. 

The third item I'm reviewing is this custom made high waist sailor dress, I just thought it was so cute so I ordered it in pink. They don't have any photos of the pink one on their site though, so I used the blue photo. It's quite a nice pink, and it fits perfectly! It is made qith really good quality fabric and stitching which I was rather surprised by to be honest. I read other peoples reviews and they often complained that it was too short, for me I didn't feel as though it was too short but that's probably because I ordered a bigger size, my height is 168cm and it comes to above the knee, about mid thigh.

The Fetsu Chan shirt has a very nice design, although it is my least favourite of the items, if you buy the large size the print covers less of the shirt, and the design was a little pixelated although I do not mind that so much. It kind of adds to the style. I had to buy the mens size because  I was afraid that the womens size would not be big enough, if you are curvy or don't mind clothes tailor for men then it's absolutely fine though. It looks like something that is really easy to coordinate for fairykei, decora or just casually.

The last thing I purchased was this denim dress, It's the only thing I got that wasn't pink hahaha. I decided to get it because it's so difficult to find denim clothes in large sizes. This fits great and I'm quite excited to figure out how I will wear it.

Overall I thought that Spreepicky was great, the total cost of my order was $149.21USD or £101.23 and the shipping was free as I mentioned before, it arrived after about a week to arrived after it shipped out which is really fast. Although it took about a week after I ordered for my order to be dispatched, this didn't really bother me because delivery was quick anyway and some of the items were custom made. And it was super cute that they sent me a sailormoon postcard and hair accessories.

So I give Spreepicky 10/10

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it was useful for you if you were looking for cute clothes and good quality,

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloweenish outfits/accessories and spoopy finds

This is just a quick post about halloween themed outfits and purchases. 

Here I'm wearing a pastel blood choker that I made using string, glue (glue gun) and paint. I used DrewDiasaster's tutorial from Youtube, check her videos out they're awesome! 😊

I also bought a sailor scout/sailor moon shirt from ebay. Just search for sailormoon shirts.

Below is a witchy type outfit I wore to Uni, it includes a jumper dress from Primark which reminds me of Wednesday Addams. And my heart choker, and rosary. I dyed the ends of my hair with different shades, hot purple, lilac and burgandy crazycolour dyes which turned out blue, pink and various purples.

I wore it with my new Dr Marten's Vonda boots with rose detailing, they were realy uncomfortable but after wearing them for a few days for a few weeks they've started to wear in. 

And let me warn you if you buy these DO NOT try and wear them like normal, I learned that the hard way. I advise you to wear the thickest socks you can wear, and expect your feet to hurt.

These are some super cute spoopy accessories I bought from H&M, they each costed about £1.99

I attached clip-on earrings onto them because I don't have my ears pierced and often forget to wear my jewelry.

And finally some cool Nightmare before Christmas makeup and nail stickers that I found in Poundland.

Let me know by commenting if you found anything super spoopy and cool this halloween! 

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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Making the most out of a scam - Lolita coat makeover

Hi everyone,
I made the mistake of buying a lolita coat on ebay without researching it thoroughly. When the dress arrived to me it was totally different from the coat I thought it was going to be, I was so disappointed. I'm usually very careful about what I buy and I've never been scammed before.

This is what I ordered:

And this is what they sent me:

As you can see from the photos the dress I paid £82 for was a really bad copy of what I realised (after much reasearch) was actually an Angelic pretty design. They used the cheapest materials they could find and the sizing was really bad even though I gave them my measurements. By the way, I didn't know I was buying a fake because the seller used a photo of the real item.

Anyway, I discovered that it was an Angelic pretty coat from 2007 so I guessed it was rare AND EXPENSIVE. And I found the real thing but it was tiny. So luckily I managed to get most of my money back from that ebay seller, I looked for heart buttons, lace and faux sheep wool/fur fabric that wasn't such bad quality. Glad that I can sew because I was able to fix the sizing, I brought in the waist and chest area as well as reducing the sleeve width. This require me to basically take the whole thing apart with a seam ripper, to get under the lining.

Here are the buttons I bought, they were from seller: belloandbellisimo on ebay, I paid £1.98 + £1.60 postage for 10 of them. They are about 2.5cm which is roughly the same size as the buttons on the coat.

This is the lace that I ordered, I paid £2.90 + £1.10 postage for 2 meters.

And this is the faux wool/sherpa fleece I bought, it costed me £10 including shipping and arrived very quickly. The fabric is amazing quality, exactly what I needed. I ordered 1m by 1.5m.

After about 13 hours of working on this thing this is how it turned out:

After finishing with the coat I realised it was a bit stiff and shaped weirdly, so I washed the coat with fabric conditioner. This is a trick I learnt when I had crocheted a shawl that was very stiff, the heat and the conditioner softens up the fabric and allows it to drape nicely.

I hope you found this an interesting post and also that maybe it might give you some hope if you happen to ever be in this situation, which I honestly hope you don't have to experience.

Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Witch OOTD

Recently I entered Hello Batty's outfit contest for which you have to create a halloween themed outfit. This is what I wore, it was inspired by the witch aesthetic. If you like it then click on the link below and like my entry :) also check out Hello Batty she makes awesome videos and has a really cool gothic/lolita style! 


Thank you!

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