Saturday, 16 April 2016

Honeycolor contact lens review

Hi everyone, recently I bought my first two pairs of contacts and I finally wore one pair so here's my review of them. Well first I ordered my contacts in february and they arrived in about a couple of weeks, which was pretty good. I was really happy with my order because I originally went to buy white out contacts for a future convention and then at checkout I realised that they were giving free lenses with every order. So I took the opportunity to try out some blue lenses, so that I could get used to wearing them before wearing the white outs. And also I've been rather curious to see what I would look like with blue eyes lol.

So here are the lenses I got, the white out zombie lenses of which I will do a review later on when I try them. They costed $25.90


These are the Super Pinky blue lenses, which came for free with my order. The original price is $25.90



Here are some pics to show how the lenses looked on me, the colour showed up very well even though I have very dark brown eyes.

A before pic just to show the natural colour of my eyes

And here's how I look with the lenses on

I tried them on at first for about 3 or 4 hours, honestly my eyes were kind of irritated from them when I first put them in but then they felt comfortable. After a few hours I decided to take them out because my eyes stang a little, after removing them they still stang for about 1 hour but I applied regular eye drops and they felt fine again. As I am writing this it's been 24hrs since I wore them so rest assured that I didn't get any eye problems, Honeycolor lenses are definitely safe as far as I know. I will be trying them again soon so that I can give more of an accurate review on the comfort of the lenses, maybe my eyes just weren't used to the lenses and the solution or maybe I had some dust on the lense but I will check more carefully next time.

Also Honeycolor sent me free lens cases that are really cute with each pair, I ordered some multipurpose lens solution from them and lycee eyedrops. And I must say I think that the lycee drops are really good, I found them easy to put in whilst wearing my lenses which is a big thing cuz I absolutely HATE putting eyedrops in my eyes.

Overall I think honeycolor is a good place to get lenses, they sell high quality and they provide quick shipping. Right now I prefer not to give my final conclusion on the lenses as I did have some discomfort, although this could be my own fault since others have found the lenses very comfortable. So I will be back with more info soon after I've tried them again.

Before I tried my lenses, I did all my research on them and watched tons of videos but then I tried to put the lenses in but I just couldn't. Then the other day (beginning of april) I came across a video tutorial that a girl made on youtube and it worked for me! I was so relieved and I felt so accomplished, I thought I was never gonna get the damn things in haha. So here is a link for the video if you are also having trouble with lenses, I hope it helps you https://youtu.be/h9GqGRyJ9gA
And also I recommend watching Noodlerella's video about lens care, I found it very helpful. https://youtu.be/hAnW1gbbQq4

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful,
Thanks for reading
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