Sunday, 15 June 2014

DIY Fairy kei jewellery

In order to complete a fairy kei look you need lots of cute jewellery so here are some ideas that you can make for yourself

What you need: 

Tools: glue gun, scissors maybe a needle and thread too.

Small toys to use as charms, I used Pez dispensors, a dollhouse teddy, a small doll, keychains and other sweet containers.


String and chains.

And finally you can also use letter beads.

How to make:

For the Pez dispensors I just glued a bead to the top as shown, making sure the the holes are horizontal. Then thread some string through it and add beads to either side of the string to form a pattern.

This is how it turned out ( phrase inspired by Nicki Minaj).

For the bear I sewed the top of the head to a kids necklace that I got from a pound store.

This charm was originally a keychain, when you press the heart it's face changes. I just hooped a chain through the hole in the top.

This is my other Pez design, I used the same technique.

For this design I glued a bead to the top and just threaded elastic string through the bead. I plan to empty the container and fill it with little origami stars in lots of colours.

As you can see I glued the chain straight to the doll's head. I removed it's clothes because they were really ugly :( I'm thinking about maybe making a new dress or leaving it nude.

This was also a keychain, so I only had to thread a chain through the top.

Finally this is a cheap handheld racing game that I got from a pound store. I just glued on some cabochons and also glued a peice of skipping rope to either side. 

And that's it hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to make your own unique jewellery! Thanks for reading (´ . .̫ . `)