Friday, 20 June 2014

Where to buy fairy kei in average shops

If like me you live somewhere where there are barely any Japanese/kawaii shops then it can be hard to find things to wear. So here are the things I buy and where I get them from

Accessories: accessories are the most important because they differentiate your style from casual kawaii to fairy kei.

 It can be really easy finding fairy kei accessories in London. Firstly there is Claires which has lots of kawaii jewellery and hats etc. however Claires is a bit expensive for me so I tend to only get things from there that I can't make myself.

Another good place is the kid section in any shop, most of them tend to have cute jewellery. Here are some pics of some bracelets and necklaces I got from Primark and a pound store. The best thing about them is that they are cheap and so easy to find.

Alternatively if you are a keen crafter you could look for small cute toys and turn those into jewellery by adding chains.

Shirts and bottoms: you can get these in any clothing store, look for pastel colours. Sometimes you can find cool pieces like disney print shirts, Primark has a lot of these at the moment. Peterpan collars are also popular.

Don't be afraid to be "weird" because pijama tops and bottoms can be the cutest thing. Why not wear them casually?

Other things I love to get are overalls. I am addicted to overalls! I bought over-sized striped overalls that go really cool with shirts that have a peterpan collar.

I also have two pinafore dresses one is red corduroy and the other is denim. And I got a kind of denim overall with shorts that I sewed into a pinafore dress, All of these were from high street stores.

If you want to dress fairy kei you're going to have to go online shopping, some things are just exclusive to Japanese style. Things I order are usually very unique to make it worth ordering eg. My Bodyline pastel petticoat and my Pikachu hoodie.

How to style:
Obviously wearing plain pastel coloured clothing isn't that fairy kei so I usually wear these types of clothes with something kawaii that I get from Japan or China through online shopping. This makes it more interesting because you're wearing the clothes in a way that is different, it takes the casual out of the outfit.

More unique clothing: clothing markets often have pieces that are imported so it can be easier to find something weird or cute. Personally I think that Camden market is good for this because they have anime designs and everything tends to be part of the niche market.

Also if you can't travel abroad you can try anime or Japan conventions where cool companies meet to display and sell their products. This July I will be going to Hyper Japan at Earls court, I'll probably make a vlog for that day to show you guys.

Bags: Again it's easy to find these in kid sections, I bought a Minnie mouse backpack from the kid section in Sports direct. I also got a cute tote bag with cats on it from H&M, and another tote Minnie mouse style from kids Primark. 

If you want something more unique go for online shopping, search for Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Disney etc.

Shoes: A lot of shoe shops sell Juju jelly shoes and I think that they're so kawaii! Also you can get canvas shoes in pastel colours at a lot of places. The brand Golddigga have a range of shoes that are quite fitting to fairy kei, you can get these online or at Sports direct.

My own: 

My advice is do not buy shoes online unless you have small feet! I'm about a size 8 but I fit some size 7 shoes and some size 9 I don't know why. But I found so many cute shoes online that I really really wanted and was disappointed to find that they were a tad too small. There are ways of stretching you're shoes but it doesn't always work.

Other than that I advise that you make some of your own cute stuff or make modifications to your clothes - by adding trims, iron on motifs, transfer prints etc.

Hope this was useful (´ . .̫ . `)