Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bodyline shoes s526 review

I finally ordered my first lolita shoes, I got them from bodyline. And I got these in pink, http://bodyline.co.jp/en/s526.html

I've adored these shoes for a really long time, maybe a year, but they were always out of stock in my size. I have really big feet, I'm a UK size 9 and I'm average height, so I was cautious about purchasing shoes from Japan because they usually tend to sell small sizes in clothing and shoes.

Bodyline has two listings for this shoe, theres this one: http://bodyline.co.jp/en/shoes192.html

And the one that I ordered which only comes in gold, red and pink:http://bodyline.co.jp/en/s526.html

The first listing is usually sold out on larger or medium sizes so check the listing that I used if you want to. But this does limit you to only three colours.

Anyways, lets get to the review. Usually my bodyline packages get to me exactly two weeks after ordering, however this time it was held up by customs and it was delayed by roughly two weeks AND I had to pick it up and pay a fee of £13(; ̄ェ ̄)so be aware that this can happen if you order from Japan.

But my order finally got to me safe ad sound, my first impression was that they are freaking beautiful. Exactly how I wanted them to be, the stitching is of a good quality, everything is made neatly. 

Sorry about the bad lighting in my photos, the weather has been really bad and it's quite dark.

Oops excuse my finger :/

As you can see there is a little bit of adhesive left of the middle of the bow, but I easily wiped it away with a wet cloth.

The shoe feels sturdy and strong, as soon as I got them home I rubbed a thin layer of Lord Sheraton balsam into them because I've heard that bodyline shoes can get marked up quite easily. I've never used the balsam on anything before so I can't tell you how good it is yet.

The shoe sizing was perfect, there's a little bit of space so that your feet don't get squished. I ordered a size 270 and I measured my feet to be exactly 27cm, which gave me more doubts when ordering but it was fine.

With bodyline shoes the sizing is listed according to foot length when standing, eg. Size 250 is for people who have feet that are 25cm. To measure your feet you should stand on paper and trace around your foot and then measure the tracing for the most accurate measurement at home.

The shoes feel reasonably comfortable for heels, they are smallish/medium sized heels, but I guess it depends on what your used to (I never wear heels to be honest). So for me they do feel a bit uncomfortable when I walk around but  they're okay. I haven't had the chance to wear them outside yet, I'll most likely update this post when I do. The sole has some cushioning for the ball of your foot and your heel which does improve comfort.

The price of the shoes was reasonable too, I purchase them in yen which including tax came up to about £28 and I got free shipping by airmail, which is pretty good from my experience.

Overall I give these shoes a 9/10
They're reasonably comfortable, they're pretty and they're well-made. I'm so glad that someone sells cute shoes in large sizes, thank the Gods!! Haha I'll definetly buy shoes from bodyline again


So I had a chance to try out these shoes, I went shopping so l was walking for most of the day. I found that after a few hours my feet became very painful, when I arrived home I could barely walk the balls of my feet hurt really bad and so did my toes. I'm writing this three days after wearing them and they still hurt a bit. l did see that in other reviews people said that they were comfortable and you could walk around in them for hours so maybe it's just because I'm not used to wearing heels (l always wear flats or very low heels).But I would recommend only wearing them for short periods of time and to travel by car when wearing them to minimise the amount of walking you do.

I hope you found this review helpful
Thanks for reading
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Friday, 11 September 2015

LunarArtis my etsy shop of kawaii accessories

I know it's been quite a while since I posted anything, to be honest I was quite busy this summer and some of the DIYs I had planned were total fails so I decided not to finish them.

Anyways I finally opened up an etsy shop with lots of cute things I made, so I'll just post pics of a few of my products and if you like them click the link ^ - ^

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks x2 if you checked out my shop 😉