Friday, 21 November 2014

HyperJapan #2 - Christmas market

On November 14th I went to HyperJapan's christmas market, there was so much cool stuff there. Including a cosplay show, dances by Kelsey Ellison and lots of awesome stalls.

I wore my seifuku from Bodyline, with Demonia gothic boots and my pink wig ftom ebay.

The cosparade had lots of cool costumes, you could see that the cosplayers had put so much effort into their outfits. One of my fabourites was the kimono cosplay although I'm not sure what it's from

After watching the cosparade I went to look at all the stalls

Limited edition 20th anniversary Sailormoon merch!  (・ω・)ノ

Me and my mum spotted lots of Sailormoon fan art, it was all part of an exhibition called Moon Pride which raised money for charity

Excuse the bad quality of the next few pics, the lighting was really bad so I couldn't tell whether the pics were focused T^T

I thought this one was really funny (≧∇≦)

I love the style of the one above, it looks so pretty :3

Sexy tuxedo mask hahaha 

Here are some pics of Kelsey Ellison performing, her outfit and dances were so cute :3

Fashion @ HyperJapan

Thanks for checking out my post I hope you enjoyed it

Photo credit goes to my mum

(´ . .̫ . `)