Saturday, 10 October 2015

Heart cut out jumper/shirt tutorial

Hi everyone! I'm gonna show you how to make a heart cut out jumper or shirt, you can use this tutorial for many other DIYs too such as heart cut outs from jeans, which I'm also currently working on.

You will need: 

Scissors, paper, needle & white thread, black thread too (preferably in a sewing machine for better quality), pencil, lots of pins, bias tape (I used ribbon because I didn't have black bias tape)...

And the shirt or jumper that you want to modify. Excuse what looks like a mess in the background, those are my craft things and they were in boxes It just looks messy in the pic.

In my opinion a turtle neck top like this looks the best for this DIY, I got mine for £6 in primark. Try not to spend too much money on it incase you make a mistake.

Start by drawing half a heart shape, fold your paper and cut it so that you have a symmetrical heart shape.

Pin the heart shape to the centre of your shirt just above the top edge of your bra. Wear the shirt as you do this so that you can get the placement right, also check that it's the size you want it to be. And keep in mind that if your shirt is stretchy the heart shape might be bigger when you wear it.

When you've chosen where you want the heart, sew with white thread around the edge of it. This is just a marker so that you know where your heart shape will be, you can take this out at the end but it won't be seen if you follow the steps correctly. 

Now get your bias tape (or ribbon) and pin it so that the edge of the ribbon is lined up with the white heart you sewed before. Make the bias tape longer than the circumference of the heart (so that you can sew it closed), with the good side of the bias tape faced down.

Sew around the inner edge of the ribbon with your black thread and remove the pins as you go around. Sew the ends of the ribbon together to prevent fraying.

Cut away the shirt fabric in the middle of the heart, about 1-2cm away from the ribbon.

Push the bias tape or ribbon to the inside of the shirt and pin the whole way round. Sew around the outer edge of the heart about 1cm away from the edge.

Now its done!

This is what the finished jumper looks lu
Iike, it turned out quite well but it would look better if made with cotton bias tape because the ribbon bunches a bit and allows the shirt to stretch around the heart.

I hope you found this tutorial useful! 

(´ . .̫ . `)