Monday, 28 April 2014

Outfit post #2

Hey guys! My creepers came in the post just the other day so I decided to coordinate them with some of my clothes to show you :3  

Here I'm wearing light blue leggings, a blue tshirt and my red corduroy pinafore dress all from Primark.

These are the creepers! I got them from Shoezone for only about £15 I wore them with frilly blue socks which are also from Primark. 

Hope you enjoyed :3

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Outfit post!

I've been wanting to do an outfit post for ages so finally here it is hope you enjoy!

The shirt I'm wearing is the Spirited away shirt that I mentioned in my latest haul, I decided to wear it with marvel comic leggings that I got from Primark. I'm also wearing a mint coloured hoodie with canvas shoes and frilly socks which are also from Primark.

I decided to make it a little more interesting by wearing different coloured shoes.

Also I'm wearing my awesome tiger backpack that arrived in the post just yesterday, I was so excited to get this! There are better pics of it below

And for accessories I went for a mood ring, which is why I took two pics the second one is a much more pretty colour. And my turtle ring that my parents got me as a birthday present a couple years ago.

So that was my first outfit post, I hope you enjoyed it! There will be more to come :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Another Haul

In this pic you can see the bambi shirt I bought which I wore with my overalls both from Primark, excuse the funny face lol 😜

This is the fob watch I got from Camden market, it cost me only £4 and I just really love the style of it.

I also got a Studio Ghibli - Spirited away shirt from Camden market because I freakin love Studio Ghibli's animations!

And I got these awesome jelly shoes from Office that I have wanted for ages, they cost £25 and they're by Juju. Check them out they have lots of cool colours and designs :)  
I also ordered a 3D Rilakkuma case because it's sooo kawaii, I think it was about £2 from Ebay.

I got this awesome satchel bag for only £9 from primark for when I'm going out and don't have much to carry.

And finally I got this awesome tiger back pack that I have been craving for ages ever since I followed Tokyo fashion on facebook and saw it in a post. I totally had to get it because it's weird and it's cool and I know that I'll be the only one in college who has it, and I like to stand out :)