Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloweenish outfits/accessories and spoopy finds

This is just a quick post about halloween themed outfits and purchases. 

Here I'm wearing a pastel blood choker that I made using string, glue (glue gun) and paint. I used DrewDiasaster's tutorial from Youtube, check her videos out they're awesome! 😊

I also bought a sailor scout/sailor moon shirt from ebay. Just search for sailormoon shirts.

Below is a witchy type outfit I wore to Uni, it includes a jumper dress from Primark which reminds me of Wednesday Addams. And my heart choker, and rosary. I dyed the ends of my hair with different shades, hot purple, lilac and burgandy crazycolour dyes which turned out blue, pink and various purples.

I wore it with my new Dr Marten's Vonda boots with rose detailing, they were realy uncomfortable but after wearing them for a few days for a few weeks they've started to wear in. 

And let me warn you if you buy these DO NOT try and wear them like normal, I learned that the hard way. I advise you to wear the thickest socks you can wear, and expect your feet to hurt.

These are some super cute spoopy accessories I bought from H&M, they each costed about £1.99

I attached clip-on earrings onto them because I don't have my ears pierced and often forget to wear my jewelry.

And finally some cool Nightmare before Christmas makeup and nail stickers that I found in Poundland.

Let me know by commenting if you found anything super spoopy and cool this halloween! 

(´ . .̫ . `)