Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mexican day of the dead makeup

Here's a halloween inspired makeup look I tried - la bella muerte 

If you want to try it yourself you can search for Michelle Phan - la bella muerte on Youtube for her tutorial 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

knitting/crotcheting a few things

It's gotten quite cold recently so I decided to crochet a few things to keep warm so here are some pics and links to the tutorial and my own scarf :)

The first thing that I crocheted was this cute hat with earflaps, I used a tutorial for this one because I didn't have a clue how to go about making this hat. Click here for the tutorial that I used, Violet's blog has really awesome posts so be sure to check it out.

Then I just make this really easy scarf which I just double crocheted in rows to make, about 4 for each colour. It was a really time consuming craft but I was determined to get it finished and I'm definently glad I did because it's makes so much of a difference when it's so cold.

Hope this was helpful
(´ . .̫ . `) 

Back to school - kawaii stationery

I enjoy having cute stationery, so here are the tools that I use to study:

Bunny pencil case

Metoo bunny pencil case

Pens, pencils and ruler

Furby ruler - 99p store

Multicoloured pen - papermate

Milk erasable pen http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=251641944494 

Cat pen red ink - HyperJapan stall

Pencil - whsmith

Highlighters, sharpener and erasers

Koala highlighters - 99p store

Nose sharpener - action

Animal erasers - Hema

Food erasers - Action

I study physics so I always need a calculator for class

Hello kitty scientific calculator


Above is from Artbox


My diy accessories - harnesses

Recently I noticed that harnesses were growing in the gothic/fairykei market but I found them to be quite pricey considering that they are just strips of leather. So I made some myself mostly inspired by others I had seen, I didn't make a tutorial for the pieces because those took me a lot of time to make. But I have linked a tutorial that will be useful for the pentagram harness.

If you plan on making any of these harnesses then you will need:
Ribbon of your choice
Scraps of velcro or any other type of fastening
Hoops for crafting
A glue gun
And any extra decoration you wish to use

Pentagram harness

These are two variations of the market version

The above harness is priced at a crazy $150.00

The typical price of these is about £20

This is my version

For my own I decided to use ribbon because I thought it would look nicer and I wanted to make it light.

The cost of mine included:

Ribbon £2.00 of which I only used a small amount.

Hoops for crafts, I won about 30 of them for about £3.

So considering that my diy harness only cost about £1 worth of materials which is a great save.

Here is a tutorial I found on making the harness 

Kawaii harnesses

This is the market version

I'm not sure what this one cost but probably £20+

This is mine

Again I used ribbon, this one was from ikea and cost £1.50 per roll of which I used almost all of it. I recommend this ribbon because it has wiring so it's easier to make the harness and it keeps its shape better.

 I used the same pack of hoops as listed above (£2.00)

So overall the cost of this harness was about £2.00

Another kawaii harness

The original market version

This is by the same company as above so I'm assuming that it's the same price.

Here is my version

For this harness I changed the design to suit my own style more, I used more ribbon from ikea but in blue (£1.50).

This time I added rose cabochons in pink and blue from ebay, £0.99

And a bit of scrap velcro for the fastenings at the back of the neck and waist.

Considering I only used a small amount of blue ribbon I would estimate the cost to be about £1.00 for this harness.

I hope this post is useful in aiding you're diy styling :3 thanks for reading!

Fashion at Hyper Japan

At Hyper Japan there were lots of people dressed up in all kinds of fashion from goth to lolita, here are some photos of people who stood out to me at the event. Photo credit - my mum, Karin (see my last post for my outfit)

First is fairy kei :3

Below is a performer who was wearing a yukata




Not sure who this girl was cosplaying but her costume was awesome

I'm guessing this is cosplay too but I'm not absolutely sure.

Next fashion style is like casual kawaii

This was one of the performers who danced to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 

There were also goths

A lot of this lady's style was composed of cyberdog clothing

And finally the lolitas *\(^o^)/*

Below are some pictures of clothes, shoes and accessories that I found around stalls

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post sorry that it was so late ^ - ^