Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fashion at Hyper Japan

At Hyper Japan there were lots of people dressed up in all kinds of fashion from goth to lolita, here are some photos of people who stood out to me at the event. Photo credit - my mum, Karin (see my last post for my outfit)

First is fairy kei :3

Below is a performer who was wearing a yukata




Not sure who this girl was cosplaying but her costume was awesome

I'm guessing this is cosplay too but I'm not absolutely sure.

Next fashion style is like casual kawaii

This was one of the performers who danced to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 

There were also goths

A lot of this lady's style was composed of cyberdog clothing

And finally the lolitas *\(^o^)/*

Below are some pictures of clothes, shoes and accessories that I found around stalls

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post sorry that it was so late ^ - ^