Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kawaii apps review

The first app I'm going to review is Snapeee, it's an app that you can use to add cute illustrations and words to your photos.

When you open the app there is a stream of other people's photos. Using Snapeee you can create an online account where you can upload your own edited photos.

You can rate people's photos as shown above and you can also follow them. The more ratings you give, the more points you earn.

In the sticker market you can use your points to buy sticker sets for your own photo editing. Some of the sticker sets can only be purchased with real money.

When you edit a photo there is a pop up menu when you can select and apply stickers.

There are also boarder designs and text options.

Here are some more stickers that I purcahsed myself.

Rating 7/10

The app is really easy to use and there are lots of ways to customise your pictures. But there is a lack of other features in the app - you can only add stickers or text, I think it would be better if you could use effects such as filters.

It's also kinda annoying that you have to actually buy some of the stickers I prefer to just spend points.

The next app I'm gonna review is FaceQ, in this app you can create kawaii anime style characters by selecting features.

When you open the app you get to choose the option of which gender you want to create and also whether you want to create one or two characters.

When you create a character you get to choose hair, facial features, clothes, accessories and the background. Some of the designs you can choose are anime based, there are totoro, pikachu and Sailormoon themed accessories and clothes to choose from.

When you've made a character you can save it to your phone or you can share it on social networks.

I rate FaceQ 9/10

It's a fun app to use and there are so many characters that you can make. However I found out that there can be a lack of hairstyles because I tried to create myself, this was difficult because I have curly hair and there aren't many curly styles (I would love it if they added curly pigtails!). Also the eye and eyebrow choices are limited because you can't change the colour of them. But other than that it's a really cool app, I love that it includes cute anime items also!

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