Friday, 21 November 2014

Making Sailormoon shoes

A while ago I bought some cheap canvas shoes for a DIY idea, the other day I finally came up with a good design to paint on them. Here's how I made them

The things I used were:
Canvas shoes
Acrylic paint
Paint brush & paper plate (for mixing)
Some star shaped beads in purple an yellow
A couple bows (pink & blue)
And a waterproof sealant suitable for canvas

I started by drawing on the design on each shoe in pencil

Then I started painting it (remove laces first!)


After this I painted small compact designs onto the side of each shoe

Then I sewed on some bows and also sewed two star beads on each shoe

The last step is to spray the shoes so that I can wear them outside - I haven't completed this step yet but when you do this part, remember to take out the laces and cover anything that you don't want the spray to be on eg. Put newspaper inside the shoe to prevent the soles from becoming waterproof

I hope this inspired you
Thanks for reading

(´ . .̫ . `)