Sunday, 16 November 2014

HyperJapan Haul

I just went to the Hyperjapan christmas market the other day and I spent loads on kawaii stuff, this is what I got

I got these cute Japanese candies including hi-chew, puccho and a pack of various mini chocs so I could try them all :3

I also got a pen that looks like a pill 

A macaron accessory from tofu cute

A mechanical pencil from tofu cute

I also got a discount pikachu that I plan to use for some kind of DIY but I'm not sure what yet

I tried a face mask from Etude house - I love all of their products but I didn't really think their facemask was that good to be honest. After using it my skin felt kind of weird so I don't recommend this product because I've used many other skin products that are way better.

Some doll stickers here (^-^)/

I also got this cute magazine purely because it looked cute and will motivate me to learn Japanese so that I can finally read it.

At HyperJapan goals were met: I finally got my own issue of Gothic Lolita Bible and it's the best magazine I've ever bought and it was only £10 which is cheap considering the other prices I found

Finally I also got this cute Japanese bowl with cats all over it and a cat-shaped chopstick holder - not that I really need it but I couldn't resist

So those were all the things I bought, I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more!

(´ . .̫ . `)