Thursday, 31 December 2015

Spreepicky Review

Hi everyone (^ - ^)/
My order from Spreepicky just arrived so I thought I'd do a review for you guys. I was put off from ordering from Spreepicky because of their prices and being a student I don't have a lot of money. But since it was Christmas I decided to treat myself, they had a discount code for the holidays which saved me a lot at the end of my order which was nice. In the end it was also worth it because they make some of the clothes themselves which is handy for me since I'm plus sized, and shipping was free!

My initial thoughts when I unpacked everything was "wow it's so colourful" most of the items look so much prettier in real life. And I noticed that Spreepicky put some really cute hair accesories and other little freebies, the also sent me a cute little sailormoon postcard inside too :3

The first item I'm going to talk about is Princess-Misery design gravity falls fleece jumper, here are the photos:

The fit is quite good, the arms could be a little looser but it fits nicely enough. The inside is really warm and soft, the best thing is that the quality of the print on the fabric is really good, there's lots of cute details in the design. And it's super colourful! I love it so much

Another item I purchased was this Chibi moon jumper, I'd seen them on ebay for super cheap but I could never find my size. Luckily Spreepicky manufactures their own larger sized version so I could get the jumper that I wanted so bad. It's really nice and soff inside and the fit is really good, although I feel like it looks a little awkward on me because I have wide hips, so the jumper is a bit too tight on my hips. But it's still a comfortable size. 

The third item I'm reviewing is this custom made high waist sailor dress, I just thought it was so cute so I ordered it in pink. They don't have any photos of the pink one on their site though, so I used the blue photo. It's quite a nice pink, and it fits perfectly! It is made qith really good quality fabric and stitching which I was rather surprised by to be honest. I read other peoples reviews and they often complained that it was too short, for me I didn't feel as though it was too short but that's probably because I ordered a bigger size, my height is 168cm and it comes to above the knee, about mid thigh.

The Fetsu Chan shirt has a very nice design, although it is my least favourite of the items, if you buy the large size the print covers less of the shirt, and the design was a little pixelated although I do not mind that so much. It kind of adds to the style. I had to buy the mens size because  I was afraid that the womens size would not be big enough, if you are curvy or don't mind clothes tailor for men then it's absolutely fine though. It looks like something that is really easy to coordinate for fairykei, decora or just casually.

The last thing I purchased was this denim dress, It's the only thing I got that wasn't pink hahaha. I decided to get it because it's so difficult to find denim clothes in large sizes. This fits great and I'm quite excited to figure out how I will wear it.

Overall I thought that Spreepicky was great, the total cost of my order was $149.21USD or £101.23 and the shipping was free as I mentioned before, it arrived after about a week to arrived after it shipped out which is really fast. Although it took about a week after I ordered for my order to be dispatched, this didn't really bother me because delivery was quick anyway and some of the items were custom made. And it was super cute that they sent me a sailormoon postcard and hair accessories.

So I give Spreepicky 10/10

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it was useful for you if you were looking for cute clothes and good quality,

(´ . .̫ . `) 

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloweenish outfits/accessories and spoopy finds

This is just a quick post about halloween themed outfits and purchases. 

Here I'm wearing a pastel blood choker that I made using string, glue (glue gun) and paint. I used DrewDiasaster's tutorial from Youtube, check her videos out they're awesome! 😊

I also bought a sailor scout/sailor moon shirt from ebay. Just search for sailormoon shirts.

Below is a witchy type outfit I wore to Uni, it includes a jumper dress from Primark which reminds me of Wednesday Addams. And my heart choker, and rosary. I dyed the ends of my hair with different shades, hot purple, lilac and burgandy crazycolour dyes which turned out blue, pink and various purples.

I wore it with my new Dr Marten's Vonda boots with rose detailing, they were realy uncomfortable but after wearing them for a few days for a few weeks they've started to wear in. 

And let me warn you if you buy these DO NOT try and wear them like normal, I learned that the hard way. I advise you to wear the thickest socks you can wear, and expect your feet to hurt.

These are some super cute spoopy accessories I bought from H&M, they each costed about £1.99

I attached clip-on earrings onto them because I don't have my ears pierced and often forget to wear my jewelry.

And finally some cool Nightmare before Christmas makeup and nail stickers that I found in Poundland.

Let me know by commenting if you found anything super spoopy and cool this halloween! 

(´ . .̫ . `)

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Making the most out of a scam - Lolita coat makeover

Hi everyone,
I made the mistake of buying a lolita coat on ebay without researching it thoroughly. When the dress arrived to me it was totally different from the coat I thought it was going to be, I was so disappointed. I'm usually very careful about what I buy and I've never been scammed before.

This is what I ordered:

And this is what they sent me:

As you can see from the photos the dress I paid £82 for was a really bad copy of what I realised (after much reasearch) was actually an Angelic pretty design. They used the cheapest materials they could find and the sizing was really bad even though I gave them my measurements. By the way, I didn't know I was buying a fake because the seller used a photo of the real item.

Anyway, I discovered that it was an Angelic pretty coat from 2007 so I guessed it was rare AND EXPENSIVE. And I found the real thing but it was tiny. So luckily I managed to get most of my money back from that ebay seller, I looked for heart buttons, lace and faux sheep wool/fur fabric that wasn't such bad quality. Glad that I can sew because I was able to fix the sizing, I brought in the waist and chest area as well as reducing the sleeve width. This require me to basically take the whole thing apart with a seam ripper, to get under the lining.

Here are the buttons I bought, they were from seller: belloandbellisimo on ebay, I paid £1.98 + £1.60 postage for 10 of them. They are about 2.5cm which is roughly the same size as the buttons on the coat.

This is the lace that I ordered, I paid £2.90 + £1.10 postage for 2 meters.

And this is the faux wool/sherpa fleece I bought, it costed me £10 including shipping and arrived very quickly. The fabric is amazing quality, exactly what I needed. I ordered 1m by 1.5m.

After about 13 hours of working on this thing this is how it turned out:

After finishing with the coat I realised it was a bit stiff and shaped weirdly, so I washed the coat with fabric conditioner. This is a trick I learnt when I had crocheted a shawl that was very stiff, the heat and the conditioner softens up the fabric and allows it to drape nicely.

I hope you found this an interesting post and also that maybe it might give you some hope if you happen to ever be in this situation, which I honestly hope you don't have to experience.

Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Witch OOTD

Recently I entered Hello Batty's outfit contest for which you have to create a halloween themed outfit. This is what I wore, it was inspired by the witch aesthetic. If you like it then click on the link below and like my entry :) also check out Hello Batty she makes awesome videos and has a really cool gothic/lolita style! 


Thank you!

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Heart cut out jumper/shirt tutorial

Hi everyone! I'm gonna show you how to make a heart cut out jumper or shirt, you can use this tutorial for many other DIYs too such as heart cut outs from jeans, which I'm also currently working on.

You will need: 

Scissors, paper, needle & white thread, black thread too (preferably in a sewing machine for better quality), pencil, lots of pins, bias tape (I used ribbon because I didn't have black bias tape)...

And the shirt or jumper that you want to modify. Excuse what looks like a mess in the background, those are my craft things and they were in boxes It just looks messy in the pic.

In my opinion a turtle neck top like this looks the best for this DIY, I got mine for £6 in primark. Try not to spend too much money on it incase you make a mistake.

Start by drawing half a heart shape, fold your paper and cut it so that you have a symmetrical heart shape.

Pin the heart shape to the centre of your shirt just above the top edge of your bra. Wear the shirt as you do this so that you can get the placement right, also check that it's the size you want it to be. And keep in mind that if your shirt is stretchy the heart shape might be bigger when you wear it.

When you've chosen where you want the heart, sew with white thread around the edge of it. This is just a marker so that you know where your heart shape will be, you can take this out at the end but it won't be seen if you follow the steps correctly. 

Now get your bias tape (or ribbon) and pin it so that the edge of the ribbon is lined up with the white heart you sewed before. Make the bias tape longer than the circumference of the heart (so that you can sew it closed), with the good side of the bias tape faced down.

Sew around the inner edge of the ribbon with your black thread and remove the pins as you go around. Sew the ends of the ribbon together to prevent fraying.

Cut away the shirt fabric in the middle of the heart, about 1-2cm away from the ribbon.

Push the bias tape or ribbon to the inside of the shirt and pin the whole way round. Sew around the outer edge of the heart about 1cm away from the edge.

Now its done!

This is what the finished jumper looks lu
Iike, it turned out quite well but it would look better if made with cotton bias tape because the ribbon bunches a bit and allows the shirt to stretch around the heart.

I hope you found this tutorial useful! 

(´ . .̫ . `)