Saturday, 24 October 2015

Making the most out of a scam - Lolita coat makeover

Hi everyone,
I made the mistake of buying a lolita coat on ebay without researching it thoroughly. When the dress arrived to me it was totally different from the coat I thought it was going to be, I was so disappointed. I'm usually very careful about what I buy and I've never been scammed before.

This is what I ordered:

And this is what they sent me:

As you can see from the photos the dress I paid £82 for was a really bad copy of what I realised (after much reasearch) was actually an Angelic pretty design. They used the cheapest materials they could find and the sizing was really bad even though I gave them my measurements. By the way, I didn't know I was buying a fake because the seller used a photo of the real item.

Anyway, I discovered that it was an Angelic pretty coat from 2007 so I guessed it was rare AND EXPENSIVE. And I found the real thing but it was tiny. So luckily I managed to get most of my money back from that ebay seller, I looked for heart buttons, lace and faux sheep wool/fur fabric that wasn't such bad quality. Glad that I can sew because I was able to fix the sizing, I brought in the waist and chest area as well as reducing the sleeve width. This require me to basically take the whole thing apart with a seam ripper, to get under the lining.

Here are the buttons I bought, they were from seller: belloandbellisimo on ebay, I paid £1.98 + £1.60 postage for 10 of them. They are about 2.5cm which is roughly the same size as the buttons on the coat.

This is the lace that I ordered, I paid £2.90 + £1.10 postage for 2 meters.

And this is the faux wool/sherpa fleece I bought, it costed me £10 including shipping and arrived very quickly. The fabric is amazing quality, exactly what I needed. I ordered 1m by 1.5m.

After about 13 hours of working on this thing this is how it turned out:

After finishing with the coat I realised it was a bit stiff and shaped weirdly, so I washed the coat with fabric conditioner. This is a trick I learnt when I had crocheted a shawl that was very stiff, the heat and the conditioner softens up the fabric and allows it to drape nicely.

I hope you found this an interesting post and also that maybe it might give you some hope if you happen to ever be in this situation, which I honestly hope you don't have to experience.

Thanks for reading!
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