Sunday, 30 November 2014

How to make a kawaii garter

Hi guys, recently I decided to finally make  a garter that I think suits various Japanese street styles like decora, fairy kei and can maybe even pastel goth. Here's how I made it:

You will need:
Two lengths of gathered blue ribbon and one piece of pink ribbon (all same length as the measurement for your thighs minus two inches)
Suspender clip
Decorations (I used two bows and four pink heart stickers)

And not pictured because I forgot 
( ̄▽ ̄)
Glue gun
Wide pink ribbon (should be the same width as the suspender clip)
Elastic (2inches)
Candle and lighter (optional)

1. Glue the hemmed edges of the blue ribbon together as shown above.

2. Glue the pink ribbon on the center of the blue ribbon.
*at this point you can light your candle and use it to seal either end of the ribbon so that it doesn't fray - be sure to only put the ribbon close enough to the flame for it melt.

3. Put the wide pink ribbon through the suspender clip.

4. Glue a bow over the middle of the ribbons that you put together earlier. Then glue the ribbon with the suspender clip onto the back of the piece as shown.

5. I decided to glue on another little bow over the top of the other.

6. Add any other finishing touches, I glued on heart stickers.

(Excuse the quality of this last pic, it was dark when I finally finished)
7. Finally, glue either end of your elastic to both ends of the ribbon and it's done!

Hope you enjoyed this post

(´ . .̫ . `)