Sunday, 19 October 2014

My diy accessories - harnesses

Recently I noticed that harnesses were growing in the gothic/fairykei market but I found them to be quite pricey considering that they are just strips of leather. So I made some myself mostly inspired by others I had seen, I didn't make a tutorial for the pieces because those took me a lot of time to make. But I have linked a tutorial that will be useful for the pentagram harness.

If you plan on making any of these harnesses then you will need:
Ribbon of your choice
Scraps of velcro or any other type of fastening
Hoops for crafting
A glue gun
And any extra decoration you wish to use

Pentagram harness

These are two variations of the market version

The above harness is priced at a crazy $150.00

The typical price of these is about £20

This is my version

For my own I decided to use ribbon because I thought it would look nicer and I wanted to make it light.

The cost of mine included:

Ribbon £2.00 of which I only used a small amount.

Hoops for crafts, I won about 30 of them for about £3.

So considering that my diy harness only cost about £1 worth of materials which is a great save.

Here is a tutorial I found on making the harness 

Kawaii harnesses

This is the market version

I'm not sure what this one cost but probably £20+

This is mine

Again I used ribbon, this one was from ikea and cost £1.50 per roll of which I used almost all of it. I recommend this ribbon because it has wiring so it's easier to make the harness and it keeps its shape better.

 I used the same pack of hoops as listed above (£2.00)

So overall the cost of this harness was about £2.00

Another kawaii harness

The original market version

This is by the same company as above so I'm assuming that it's the same price.

Here is my version

For this harness I changed the design to suit my own style more, I used more ribbon from ikea but in blue (£1.50).

This time I added rose cabochons in pink and blue from ebay, £0.99

And a bit of scrap velcro for the fastenings at the back of the neck and waist.

Considering I only used a small amount of blue ribbon I would estimate the cost to be about £1.00 for this harness.

I hope this post is useful in aiding you're diy styling :3 thanks for reading!