Friday, 26 July 2013

How to kawaii your room

If you want to make your room kawaii you can buy things that are kawaii, Books and such are good because you can leave them around your room without ruining the kawaii look. As well as that you can make your notebooks  kawaii by sticking on cute pictures, If you visit my pinterest where I have a board all about kawaii there are lots of products and art. You can save and print these images to use for decoration on your wall or books.

Micky and Minnie sketch.

Bear shaped fan, there's a little thing on it which you can attach a scent to.

There are free templates to make these calendar boxes.

Just found this tutorial for fabric letters to hang on walls, it would look so cool with kawaii print fabric.

Lol Pusheen.

If you're buying kawaii things check out rilakkuma, hello kitty,hi panda products.

Asako Kanda from Japan has the world's largest Hello Kitty collection.

Rilakkuma plushies.

Hi panda, I discovered this on a museum trip to the V&A.

Also sew kawaii things, I borrow a lot of books that teach you how to make cute things. And sometimes I just think of something myself.

this is the hot water bottle cover that I made.

This is the doll that I made, I put a lot of work into it as the dolls I made in the past pretty much failed. A useful book is Storybook Toys by Jill Hamor. It has easy instructions and includes all of the patterns in the back.

My favorites are the elephant sewing caddy, Henry the horse (which I'll probably make into a bag) and the Little girl purse which is quite small so I'll probably enlarge it when I make it.


In my room I hung a line of string above the window sill, then I got lots of small pink wooden pegs so that I could hang things up. On the line I hang felties and sometimes a hello kitty note if I need to remember something.

The absolute most important thing that will make your room kawaii is the colour, and contrasting curtains to make it interesting.

My room is lime green and my curtains are purple, I didn't think it would go in the kawaii category at first I just liked the colour. But I think any bright, bold or pastel colour would fit in with kawaii theme.

And that's it, why don't you make your room kawaii too? Have fun!  =)